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Environment Friendly House with Title 24 Compliance

Now that the zero-on-the-meter homes are becoming increasingly popular, consumers also wonder what advantage they can achieve with an energy-efficient home. Your energy bill gets lower because your home produces its own energy. But is that all and is it profitable enough?

It costs something but then you also have something

The costs of converting your home into a zero-meter home are not low. You will also have to make a budget for this in which the energy neutral measures are included. Depending on what you choose, the renovation will cost. When the house is ready you can start saving. The energy bill will end up at zero if the renovation has been thoroughly addressed.

Sustainable heating displaces gas connection

Another advantage is that your home looks like new again and it will use a different heating system so that you no longer use gas. That means no more harmful emissions. Your home will then permanently heat your home by means of a heat pump or solar water heater. In combination with triple glazing also called triple glass or HR +++ glass, the house will be able to keep its heat inside.

Subsidy for sustainable heating

You can apply for a subsidy for the purchase of your solar water heater or heat pump, this subsidy is related to the purchase price. Heating the house in a different way outside the solar water heater or heat pump is also possible. In that case you can use a pellet stove and biomass boiler. Here you also receive a subsidy for reading more about Title 24 Compliance.

Raise your own energy and save

With a solar panel set on your roof, the energy can be generated that is needed for your heat pump and other electrical equipment. Almost no energy supply is needed from the energy supplier. Because, in the winter you will probably need energy from the energy supplier. And because your household appliances such as the washer and dryer are also sustainable, you will also consume much less.

Which subsidies are there?

And now, for the subsidies you can get a subsidy from the government for the energy saving in your own home. Here, however, conditions apply: such as the application of two types of insulation techniques. So the roof and the floor must be provided with insulation or you can install high-efficiency glass. This subsidy will amount to 20% of your purchase costs and the ceiling is set at a maximum cost per home.

Additional mortgage available at energy-neutral home

Do not want to renovate your current home? Then you can also buy an energy-efficient home. Thanks to the Title 24 Compliance you can request for additional charges if you opt for a new home that is energy-neutral. However, the energy performance coefficient is taken into account, which is an index that determines whether the home is energy-efficient enough. You will have to earn enough to qualify for such a mortgage.

An interest discount is provided by certain banks on your mortgage if it concerns an energy-efficient home. So that is another advantage. So the more economical the house, the more interest discount you get. Search this out to find out which bank offers you the most benefit.

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